Information on this site is archived data from the Environmental Assessment phase of the project. All data is prior to November 19, 2010, and will not be updated again.

Documents and Publications

Consultation Summary Report on Results of Draft EA and Site-specific Studies

Appendix 1 – Agency Consultation Materials

Appendix 2 – Public Information Centre (PIC) Materials

Appendix 3 – Public Comments & Response Tables

Appendix 4 – Agency Comments & Response Tables

Appendix 5 – Durham & York Council and Committee Minutes

Appendix 6 - Durham Council and Committee Delegations

Delegations to Council

Delegations to Committee of the Whole

Appendix 7 – Clarington Report PSD-071-09 & Peer Review Tables

Appendix 8 – Study Database

Appendix 9 – Site Liaison Committee (SLC) Documentation

SLC Agendas

SLC Minutes

Appendix 10 – Joint Waste Management Group (JWMG) Documentation

JWMG Agendas

JWMG Minutes

JWMG Correspondence


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