Information on this site is archived data from the Environmental Assessment phase of the project. All data is prior to November 19, 2010, and will not be updated again.

Documents and Publications

Preferred Residuals Processing System


Annex ‘A' Approved Environmental Assessment Terms of Reference
(March 31, 2006)

Annex ‘B' Results of Public and Agency Consultation on Step 1 Review of Evaluation Methodology and Criteria

Annex ‘C' Step 2 Consideration of Additional “At-Source” Diversion and Development of Alternative Residuals Processing Systems

Annex ‘D' Step 3 Consideration of Environment Potentially Affected by “Alternatives to”

Annex ‘E’ Steps 4, 5 and 6 Net Effects Analysis of “Alternatives to”

Annex ‘F’ Step 7 Identification of Preferred Residuals Processing System

Annex ‘F' Appendices

Annex ‘G' Durham York Joint Waste Management Group Resolution on the Preferred Residuals Processing System

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