Information on this site is archived data from the Environmental Assessment phase of the project. All data is prior to November 19, 2010, and will not be updated again.

Durham/York Residual Waste Study

Durham and York Regions have developed independent long-term Waste Management Strategy Plans to effectively address managing the wastes from their individual jurisdictions in the future. Limited landfill capacity in Ontario - combined with the general public’s growing opposition to landfill - has increased the desire to develop innovative alternatives to current waste disposal methods in an expedited manner.

Ontario's Ministry of the Environment and the State of Michigan have committed to slowly decrease and eliminate cross border haulage and disposal of residential waste from Ontario by the end of 2010. The critical realization that the export of garbage cannot be considered as a long-term solution for managing residual waste must be addressed.

Durham and York Regions have partnered to undertake an environmental study designed to investigate alternative methods to manage future residual waste. The study is entitled “The Durham/York Residual Waste Study”. This study addresses the social, economic and environmental concerns of residents through an Environmental Assessment process.

What's New

Notice of Approval to Proceed with the Undertaking
The Ministry of the Environment's (MOE) has approved the Amended Environmental Assessment (PDF). Read more about the Notice of Approval to Proceed with the Undertaking (PDF). The news release issued by the Ministry of the Environment on November 19, 2010, can be viewed here.

Full Ministry Review of the Amended EA
The Ministry of the Environment's (MOE) review of the Amended Environmental Assessment has now been released. Please click here to access the Full Ministry Review of the Amended EA (PDF).

Region of Durham News Release
View the news release on the MOE's full review of the Environmental Assessment (PDF).

The Environmental Assessment (EA) Study Timeline (as of January 25, 2010)
Read the Environmental Assessment (EA) Study Timeline (PDF).

Environmental Assessment Document currently with the MOE for Review and Decision
View the final EA document including all amendments that is currently before the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) for review and decision.

Submission of Addendum to Environmental Assessment (EA) Documentation
(as amended November 27,2009)
The Regions of Durham and York have prepared an addendum, in order to clarify information regarding the RFP evaluation process. The addendum provides a revised Section 9.2 of the EA Study Document (as amended November 27, 2009).

View the rationale for preparing this addendum.

Revised Ambient Air Monitoring Assessment

The Ambient Air Monitoring Assessment Report has now been revised.

Submission of Amended Environmental Assessment (EA) Documentation to MOE

The Amended Environmental Assessment (EA) documentation related to the Durham/York Residual Waste Study was submitted to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) on Friday, November 27, 2009. View the notice of submission; locations where the documents can be reviewed; and, the Amended Environmental Assessment (EA) Study Document.

Postponement of Publication of the Ministry Environmental Assessment (EA) Review
Please be advised, by request of the Regions of Durham and York, the publication of the Ministry of the Environment's review has been postponed and as such the Review will be made public in February 2010. This additional postponement has allowed the Regions additional time to address additional comments received.

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