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Facility Management Plans & Reports

Third Party Independent Audits

The Third Party Audits are being carried out to satisfy Condition 16 of the EA Notice of Approval, Condition 15(2) of the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) as well as applicable regulatory criteria. The independent audits must be completed by a “Qualified, Independent, Professional Engineer” as defined in the EA Notice of Approval. According to this definition, a “Qualified, Independent, Professional Engineer” means:

“…a person who holds a license, limited license or temporary license under the Professional Engineers Act who is not an employee of the Regional Municipality of Durham, the Regional Municipality of York, the operator of the undertaking, or the ministry, who has not been involved in the design of the undertaking or preparation of documentation as part of an application for approval of the undertaking but who is knowledgeable about the Environmental Protection Act, Regulation 347 and Ontario Regulation 149/05, ministry guidelines affecting thermal treatment facilities, any other ministry approval issued for the undertaking as well as being experienced at assessing compliance with environmental legislation and requirements of certificates of approval issued under the Environmental Protection Act.”

The role of the independent auditor is to provide an evaluation of the facility construction and operation to confirm:

  • Activities are conforming to legislative requirements
  • Requirements of approvals and permits are being met
  • Commitments made in the Environmental Assessment (EA) Notice of Approval are being implemented
  • Applicable records required to be kept are on site

Audits will be undertaken upon completion of specific milestones. Four audits will be carried out during the construction phase, one during the commissioning of the facility, and annual audits will be undertaken during operations. The audit report submission dates are as follows:

  1. Site preparation and installation of services: June 2012
  2. Completion of Foundations: April 2013
  3. Erection of Building: September 2013
  4. Completion of Equipment Installation: March 2014
  5. Completion of Acceptance Testing: Fall 2014
  6. Operations: Annually

All audit reports are submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Regional Director within 10 business days of the date that the audit is completed.


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